Warm Kale Salad

I made a warm kale salad this weekend and just have to share it with you. It was super delish, easy, and filling!

I took a bag of fresh, local kale and placed it all on my baking stone. Then I drizzled a small amount of avocado oil on top and sprinkled curry powder on top as well for some added flavor. I put this in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes.


While it was cooking I sautéed mushrooms with a little bit of white wine. When I removed the kale, it was warm but still had a bit of crispness to it which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I plated the kale and added balsamic vinegar on top, then added almonds and pomegranate seeds, as well as diced tomatoes and avocado around the plate (peppers and cucumber would have been great too!). Then I added the sautéed mushrooms to the middle of the plate.


I was wishing I had some goat cheese to add to add as well as that would have blended with the flavours nicely, but it was totally great even without that.

Next time you are craving a salad, but would like some warmth to it, I highly recommend trying this recipe too…maybe with your own spin for toppings!

Until next time….stay healthy!


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