Recap of tips 1-4

Okay so before we head into tip #5, lets recap.

We are eating breakfast within an hour of waking up to get our metabolism started for the day.

We are drinking water as soon as we wake up, every hour throughout the day, and before we go to bed. We are adding extra water in for activity time and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

We are making our food look great by choosing colourful fruits and vegetables and putting them on a plate or in a bowl to look at before we eat.

We are eating an apple (or other crunchy fruit) to avoid blood sugars from dipping to low between meals.

Please keep practicing these and doing your best. They are not rules, but rather tips. Rules set us up for failure. Goals and tips set us up for striving for the healthiest we can be.

I am going to step it up a notch with the next set of tips this week. Get ready! Tip #5 is on its way this week!

Until next time…keep healthy!


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