Growing body, Growing brain

Research has shown us that intake of omega-3 in a mother’s diet during pregnancy directly contributes to brain and eye development in the womb. We know that breast milk contains omega-3 fatty acids for these same purposes.  Some formula companies have added omega-3 fatty acids to their products to try to mimic this, and of course many companies have provided us with omega-3 containing products such as eggs, milk, bread, granola bars, and more. Omega-3 is available naturally in salmon and other fatty fish, ground flax seed, olives, olive oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, chia seed, and more. These foods and products are great and the content adds up over time; however, since our children only take in small quantities of food each day, it can be hard for them to meet their needs for omega-3 every day.

Baby Brain Organics has created a line of amazing products which are a blend of organic sprouted ground flax seed, organic quinoa, organic chia seeds, and organic hemp hearts. This blend offers a source of omega 3, along with a little bit of energy from carbohydrates and tissue building material of protein.  As an RD and a mom I love that I can add 1-2 Tbsp of this to my kids yogurt or smoothies, or larger quantities to a batch of muffins, pancakes, waffles, soup, mac and cheese, hamburgers, pasta sauce, and more. My kids did not notice when I had added this to their meals this week and I added it to some of mine too and loved the flavour. For more recipes you can try, click here.

This morning I made waffles with my twins using this recipe and we added 1/4 cup of baby brain organics into the batter with an extra Tbsp of milk to make up for the extra dry ingredient. I think next time I would even try 1/2 cup to give each waffle even more of a nutritious boost. Here are a few photos from today’s yummy breakfast.

Clay whipping the egg whites
Clay whipping the egg whites
Wes stirring the batter
Wes stirring the batter
All ready to eat with berries and Greek yogurt to complete a healthy meal.
All ready to eat with berries and Greek yogurt to complete a healthy meal.

I hope you have a safe weekend full of cuddles and fun with your minis!

Until next time…stay healthy!


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