Hello mamas and mamas-to-be!

Well after months of thinking this over, I am taking the plunge and starting a blog.  My goal is to offer practical suggestions to moms and moms-to-be for themselves and their families.  My name is Noelle Martin and I am a Registered Dietitian in London, Ontario, Canada.  I have three year old twin boys and another son who is almost one. Prior to becoming a mom I had a Private Practice where I counselled people of all ages.  Now that I am a mom I can combine my expertise as an RD, with real life experience to offer you information, advice, recipes, and practical solutions that I have used over the past few years. Over the past five years I have dealt with infertility, IVF, a twin pregnancy, breastfeeding twins, a singleton pregnancy (while still breastfeeding twins), breastfeeding one baby, infant allergies and intollerances, weight gain and weight loss, and picky eaters. These are the things I will be writing about and much more!

Please let me know if you have specific questions you want answered or if you need clarity on any post that I do.  Also be sure to check out my daily tip on IG @mealsformeandmyminis.


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